Welcome to Freedom Cats and Dogs Sanctuary

Explore our website to meet the adorable residents who have made this sanctuary their temporary or permanent home. Each story is unique, and behind every pair of innocent eyes, there’s a tale of resilience and the enduring spirit of our animal friends.
  • 87 dogs

    Are currently in the sanctuary
  • 52 cats

    Are currently in the shelter
  • 16 pets

    Found their forever home in 2024
  • 12 pets

    Has permanent stay in Freedom

Meet fluffies of Freedom sanctuary

Every furry friend deserves a loving home. Save a life, and make a lifelong companion. Together, let’s give a second chance and create a world where every tail wags with joy. Also, there are pets who have a permanent stay in the sanctuary due to their disability to live outside the sanctuary or simply because we can’t say Goodbye to them. You are very welcome to donate or even become a sponsor.

Why Donate?
By donating to our sanctuary for disabled dogs and cats, you're giving these special animals the love, care, and support they need. Your contribution helps cover medical bills, food, shelter, and essentials, ensuring they live their best lives despite their challenges.

Freedom Events

Take a look at the events that had been help in support for Freedom cats and dogs sanctuary

Easter for Freedom

A heartwarming charity fundraising event dedicated to supporting the Freedom Sanctuary for Disabled Cats and Dogs

Blue hair

Jeremy and Britt color their hair in support for Spay and neuter
stray cats'n'dogs Program

What We Do

The Freedom Sanctuary is on a compassionate mission to provide a better life for abandoned dogs and cats
  • Education program

    Freedom is working on creating and presenting programs which educate children to love and take care of the animals and nature
  • Spay and neuter program

    Freedom has created a program which can be used by any one in North Cyprus providing a possibility to spay/neuter a stray cat or dog
  • Rescuing stray cats and dogs

    Freedom sanctuary opens its doors to those disabled/injured cats and dogs who are not able to survive on the streets
  • Adoption program

    Volunteers work hard on searching homes for those pets who are ready to be a family member
Dogs are looking for a home
Dog Rescue Northern Cyprus
In this video Alex & Alex visit the association Freedom Dog Sanctuary

How you can help

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    If you are not able to adopt a pet, you can always support him/her by sponsoring
  • volunteer, dogs, shelter, sanctuary, help stray dogs, freedom sanctuary, north cyprus, cyprus, animals

    Foster a pet

    There are always cats and dogs after operations who need to be fostered until fully recovered
  • volunteer, dogs, shelter, sanctuary, help stray dogs, freedom sanctuary, north cyprus, cyprus, animals

    Volunteer at the sanctuary

    The biggest problem for the sanctuary is lack of volunteers in both cats and dogs sanctuaries
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    Support charity shop

    By supporting our charity shop you can both provide items or buy something

Meet our Team

The kindest people work hard every day to provide best treatment and care for the animals of Freedom sanctuary
  • Nulten Oral
    Founder & the Organization's
    Do-it-all Leader
    Nulten founded Freedom. She is the mother of our main goals and values. She found the core members of our team and helped them to show their unique talents.
  • Debbie Bird
    Administrative Wizard and Keeper
    of the Organizational Maze
    Debbie takes care of everything you see, she is Nulten’s right hand person. Her magical role involves coordinating and overseeing various administrative tasks, conjuring order from chaos.
  • Paul and Cheryl Baylis
    Charitable Virtuoso
    and Benevolence Composer
    Paul and Cheryl are with Freedom from its very beginning, both overseeing cat well-being, coordinating vet visits, enhancing shelter conditions, and updating the database.
  • Jeremy and Mark
    The Canine Guardians of Compassion
    in Freedom dog sanctuary
    Both Jeremy and Mark not only tend to the care of dogs at the shelter but actively collaborate with veterinarians, treat ill dogs, arrange homes for some of them, construct enclosures.
What kind of pets guardians are you?
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Test your knowledge and find out how well you know things about having cats or dogs, or both :)
Take the quiz
Domestic cats spend 50% of their days sleeping.
Nope! That's too less
Domestic cats spend about 70% of their days sleeping and 15% of the day grooming. Cats have the physiology of a predator, meaning they are wired to chase and hunt at night, reserving their daytime energy.
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Meowing is a language cats reserve for their humans.
Adult cats communicate with each other through scent, facial expression, body language, and touch. With humans, cats use meowing to communicate with you as they are dependent on you and cats quickly learn that the “scent messages” left for you are not being picked up. Meowing gets them what they need and want.
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What part of a dog is as unique as a human fingerprint?
Nope! It is nose, of course
Correct! The pattern of bumps and grooves in the skin, and the shape of the nostrils (called nares), are different for every dog.
Sorry, but no!
How can it be correct?!
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Cats use whiskers like measuring tape, and to navigate.
Cats use their whiskers to navigate through the world. They use them to help determine if they can fit in a small space because their whiskers are approximately the same width as their body. This is why you shouldn’t cut your cat’s whiskers.
You really didn't know that?!
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How many teeth do adult dogs typically have?
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What part of the body does a dog sweat from?
Not even close!
Unfortunately, wrong!
So sorry, but nope!
Correct! Most dog sweat is released through glands in the paw pads. And, unlike humans, sweating is not an effective way for dogs to cool themselves.
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Cats and dogs are colorblind.
Correct! Your pet can see some colors, but not others. Where humans have blue, red, and green cones to see light sources cats and dogs have very few red compared to humans. So they see the world mostly in shades of blue, gray, and yellow.
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Cats are nocturnal.
Nope! Can you believe that?!
Surprise! If cats were nocturnal, they'd be up all night. Cats are actually crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk. Have you noticed your cat loves to play and gets the "zoomies" during these time periods?
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Which of these senses does a dog use the most?
Of course! It has been estimated that a dog's sense of smell is 100,000 times more powerful than a human's. Scientists think that dogs have about 2 billion olfactory receptors
Nope, but dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans, hearing sounds four times farther away than we can.
Wrong, but dogs can feel more nuanced emotions like excitement, distress, contentment, anxiety, shyness, anticipation, and even love.
Wrong, dogs must be 20 feet from an object to see it as well as a human standing 75 feet away.
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Both cat "years" and dog "years" equal seven years of human life.
Unfortunately, wrong
In terms of development, the first year of a cat’s life is equal to the first 15 years of a human’s life. At his 2-year birthday, a cat is at the development level of a 25-year-old human. After the first two years, each following year equal to an additional 7 years.
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You need to learn a lot!
Cats and dogs are more than just a pet. It is a member of your family, your best friend, no matter if you are rich and famous! You need to learn more about these wonderful creatures, if you want to have one!
Not bad!
But there are still some things that you need to learn! Anyway, Freedom is always happy to teach you. Come and visit us, join us on a dog walk or help in socializing our cats, so you will learn many new things.
Freedom sanctuary would definitely trust any of our pets if you would like to adopt one!

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