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Please come and visit the dogs at the sanctuary.

Freedom Dog Sanctuary
No Cages – No Chains – Freedom to roam safely

We actively encourage members of the public to visit the Sanctuary and should they wish, they can interact with our residents. This can be anything from, bathing, walking, playing, cuddling or just being around the dogs.

Through this approach we strive to raise consciousness and change present attitudes, transforming the way local people think of and treat animals and build a more compassionate community. We also aim to educate the younger generation, as such school programs shall be run along with Sanctuary visits teaching our youth the importance of caring for animals and the responsibilities and joys of pet ownership. 

Freedom Dog SanctuaryFreedom Dog SanctuaryFreedom Dog Sanctuary
Come and play with us

Come on, what are you waiting for, come and visit Freedom Dog Sanctuary, we’re looking forward to meeting you…..woof woof.

Help us us help them, by visiting Freedom Dog Sanctuary, volunteering and/or donating.

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