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Street Dog/Cat Neuter & Release Communty Project

Stray animals program
Four more dear little street souls, two who will no longer suffer the attentions of males or the agony of raising kittens on the streets and two who will no longer sire anymore kittens
No street dog or cat will ever be turned away. Please contact us on WhatsApp Message, please do not call. We will make an appointment for you. Total for January - 65 Total for February - 36 Total for March - 50 Total for April - 43 Total for May - 46 Total for June - 51 Total for July - 51 Total for August - 99 Total for September - 79 Total for October- 62 Total for November- 129 Total for December- 38 TOTAL to date 2023 - 760
Without everyones support and generosity this project could never have happened
İf you would like to donate, you can do so directly to Garfield Veteriner Kliniği / Happy Tails Veteriner Klinigi, please state 'Street Dog/Cat Neutering' or alternatively via PayPal, please also state Street Dog/Cat. cath.hayes@sky.com