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Nulten, inspired by 25 years of residing in the TRNC, founded Freedom Sanctuary with a heartfelt commitment to address the rising challenges posed by the growing population of street dogs and cats. Moved by the plight of these animals, often abandoned due to injuries or disabilities, Nulten dedicated over two years to comprehensive research, engaging with experts locally and internationally. The result was the establishment of a pioneering dog sanctuary—a haven for those unable to fend for themselves on the streets—in Northern Cyprus.
This unique sanctuary allows dogs to roam freely, enjoying daily walks in the serene forest, all under the dedicated care of a compassionate group of volunteers. Notably, Freedom Sanctuary operates without government funding, relying solely on the generosity of donations from the public and businesses. Regular fundraising events, complemented by a second-hand fashion shop offering quality clothing, contribute to sustaining this noble cause.

Buoyed by the success of the dog sanctuary and supported by feline enthusiasts among the volunteers, a cat sanctuary was inaugurated last year. This safe haven, particularly tailored for blind cats, ensures they receive attentive care in a secure environment.
In an effort to foster awareness and cultivate empathy, presentations are conducted in local schools, engaging children in understanding the issues of animal abuse and neglect on the streets. Emphasis is placed on the significance of spaying and neutering pets.
To propel the impactful work of the dog and cat sanctuaries to new heights, additional volunteers, support, and donations are indispensable. If you are passionate about contributing to this noble cause, please reach out to Freedom Sanctuary. Your involvement can make a meaningful difference.