Martha is about 2 years old. She was found on the street with her brother as puppies. They were no older than 4 months. Martha had been hit by a car and had an extremely bad fracture which meant her leg had to be amputated. We found a home for her brother. Her disability does not hold her back and she is full of life. Very sweet personality and loves people.

Martha, the bossy yet friendly female dog, is a charismatic and confident companion with a heart full of warmth. With a strong personality and a touch of assertiveness, Martha exudes leadership while maintaining a delightful and amicable demeanor. Her friendly nature makes her approachable and endearing, easily winning the hearts of those around her. Martha's playful spirit and charming assertiveness create a unique blend of a commanding presence and a lovable character, making her a delightful addition to any household as both a leader and a cherished friend.
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