Welcome to Freedom Sanctuary in Alsancak, where every rescue story is a tale of hope and compassion. Meet Merit, a charming black and white little boy with a heart as big as his playful spirit. Rescued from the perilous streets where stray dogs roamed, Merit is now seeking a loving home where he can thrive and flourish.

Despite his rough start in life, Merit's love for cuddles and play shines through. With his endearing personality and boundless energy, he is always ready for an adventure or a snuggle session. Merit's playful nature makes him a joy to be around, and his love for interacting with others makes him an ideal companion for families looking to add some fun and excitement to their lives.

If you're ready to open your heart and home to a sweet and spirited companion, consider giving Merit the loving home he deserves. Come visit Freedom Sanctuary today and discover the endless love and joy that Merit has to offer!
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