Meet Gabrielle, or Gabi, a charming and gentle female dog who was rescued by Freedom Sanctuary. Gabi has quickly become a beloved member of the sanctuary family with her sweet nature and loving disposition. Her soulful eyes and soft, fluffy coat are just a glimpse of her tender heart and affectionate personality.
Gabi's journey to the sanctuary wasn't easy, but her resilience and trust in humans have blossomed under the care and love she receives at Freedom Sanctuary. She's a medium-sized dog with a calm demeanor, making her an excellent companion for a variety of households. Whether it's enjoying a leisurely walk, cuddling up for a quiet evening, or playing with her favorite toys, Gabi adapts with ease and brings joy to those around her.
If you're looking for a loyal and loving companion, consider adopting Gabi.
If adoption isn't an option right now, you can still make a significant impact by sponsoring Gabi. Sponsorship helps cover the costs of her care, including food, medical expenses, and enrichment activities, ensuring she continues to live a happy and healthy life at the sanctuary. As a sponsor, you’ll receive regular updates and photos of Gabi, so you can see the difference your support makes.
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