Handso has been with us for about two years. He was tied to a fence at a market in Lapta with a hand written note attached to the fence asking for someone to home him. As can be imagined, he was extremely agitated and aggressive. He took a long time to regain his faith in people. Now he is a happy chappy who enjoys fussing and cuddles. He is wary when too many people are around him, but he is not aggressive.
Now, fully healed and brimming with vitality, Handso stands as a beacon of strength and resilience. His vibrant red coat and imposing stature are a testament to his striking presence and undeniable beauty. Yet, it is his gentle soul and unwavering spirit that truly set him apart.
Since finding refuge at Freedom Sanctuary, Handso has flourished under the care of dedicated volunteers who have nurtured him back to health with unwavering love and support. Now, as he embarks on the next chapter of his journey, Handso is ready to find his forever home—a place where he can share his boundless affection and zest for life with a loving family.
Join us in writing the next chapter of Handso's remarkable story as he sets out in search of his happily ever after. With your love and support, we can help him find the loving home he so richly deserves.

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