Freedom Dog Sanctuary only take the extreme cases, cruelty, abused and neglected dogs; there are other rescue organisations/shelters for normal healthy street dogs, who offer temporary care and re-homing.

With the commitment of support from local Veterinarians and International Consultants whose expertise originated from numerous years with several different UK animal charities, we shall provide each resident of the Sanctuary vaccinations, medical checks and medical treatment as needed and in the best interest of the animals.

Nursery for: recovery, sick, pregnant, nursing, injured and special-needs dogs

In Keeping with our vision to eventually eradicate overpopulation of stray and unwanted cats and dogs and the overcrowding of animal shelters in Cyprus we will follow a mandatory Spay- Neuter policy of all the incoming animals to the Sanctuary where feasible.   

The Sanctuary’s belief is that all animals deserve to be treated with dignity, kindness and respect, as such we are committed to work on implementing programs with existing animal shelters to reduced their overcrowding by providing a safe environment and medical care for rescued stray cats and dogs allowing the shelters to concentrate their focus and increase the number of successful adoptions placing animals into suitable and loving permanent homes.  

Freedom Dog Sanctuary will continue using social media ( facebook ) and other advertising to promote, inform and remind the public of the important work the Sanctuary achieves in relieving the plight of homeless pets, elevate the status of animals within our community and continue to raise funds through charitable donations and fundraising.  

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